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Research and Evaluation Project Management - Online

This live online course provides an intensive introduction using tried and tested methods, and uses Zoom software. (Foundation Level).  * Price:  £165 for SRA members, £220 for non-members.  It runs in one day and uses Zoom software *


Anyone asked to conduct a research or evaluation project or study - small or large - faces the challenge of how best to manage this. University and professional training in research (and evaluation) principles and methods have long neglected this vital aspect of successfully delivering projects. More recently, shrinking budgets and timetables (but not expectations) have added to the challenges for those leading research projects and intensified the need for more structured approaches to project management. Using a mixture of shared slides, interactive sessions and exercises in small groups, this practical course provides an intensive introduction to how to rise to these challenges using tried and tested methods. It is aimed at participants from all sectors, those new to project management in research and evaluation, and those who may have some experience but are looking to widen their knowledge of structured approaches.


Course objectives


  • To introduce the role of effective project management in the project cycle
  • To be aware of what underpins effective research project management
  • To consider what makes an effective project framework plan, and how it is used to meet realistic research and evaluation needs
  • To review the use of team resources, roles and systems in effective management of research and evaluation studies
  • To identify pitfalls and how to avoid them.




  • The four pillar approach to effective research and evaluation management
  • Setting a fit for purpose management framework and project plan which meets realistic expectations for research or evaluation deliverables
  • Using the project cycle approach to plan organisation, team roles and responsibilities, oversight and controls for delivery of research or evaluation projects
  • Managing to meet research and user needs through task management, responding to issues and snags, and identifying and avoiding risks and pitfalls
  • Meeting challenges of R&E team management by balancing ‘control’ with ‘empowerment’
  • Using appropriate information and communications technology - options for research management templates and managing intra-team communication


Who will benefit


Social researchers across sectors who are new to research project management or who wish to extend their knowledge of systematic approaches to managing research projects and programmes.


Learning outcomes


By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have a broad understanding of the contribution of project management in meeting client and funders expectations of research
  • Have a practical awareness of the success factors (and constraints) that contribute to effective research project management
  • Have an awareness of how to manage team resources, roles, responsibilities and systems to support effective and on-time delivery
  • Have an understanding of how to apply this awareness responsively to effective research project planning, problem solving and delivery.


Course tutor


Professor David Parsons is a highly experienced policy researcher and evaluator of public programmes in the UK and Europe. He has held faculty posts at three UK universities, is a past advisor to the National Economic Development Office, European Commission, ESRC and UKCES, and former director of a successful policy research company. David has directed and co-directed numerous research and evaluation studies for government, non-departmental public bodies and others in the UK, and for international bodies. He brings to this course very wide practical experience of project planning, task and team management, and of how to manage projects responsively to meet project (and client) expectations on time and to specification.


  This course contributes 6 hours to the MRS CPD programme


5/24/2022 9:30 AM - 4:45 PM
GMT Daylight Time
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