SRA Annual Conference  2019

‘Blurring boundaries and crossing frontiers in social research'

10 December, London


The SRA Annual conference 2019 focussed on what can be learned from research taking place across boundaries and at new frontiers – of methods, roles, disciplines and more. How UK social research is being enhanced by these boundary and border crossings.


Conference slides coming soon.

Main Speakers

Sir Adrian Smith (keynote), Director of the Alan Turing Institute: 'What the new frontiers of data science and AI may mean for social research'

Pamela Cox (plenary), Social historian at Essex University, author and presenter of the BBC2 series 'Shopgirls' and 'Servants': 'What makes for a successful interdisciplinary research project'

Lorraine Whitmarsh (plenary), Director, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations: 'Why working beyond traditional research boundaries is crucial in tackling climate change'


Workshop presentations

  • Realist and real world evaluation
  • Research in sensitive settings
  • Moving online
  • 6 degrees of participation
  • Innovations in disability research
  • The time dimension



  • Using creative methods in qualitative data collection
  • A taster in narrative inquiry: Exploring the power of stories
  • What are complex systems evaluations?
  • Escaping the echo chamber




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