Diversity & Inclusion in Research

In 2021 the Young Foundation carried out research for the Social Research Association into experiences of diversity and inclusion among UK social researchers.   The project was funded by Power to Change, and Kantar Public.  More than 950 researchers took part in an extensive survey, followed by a qualitative study to gain deeper understanding.  The report, 'Far to Go: Diversity and Inclusion in Social Research', covers:

Perceptions of workplace culture and inclusion
Experiences of entry to the profession and progression within it
The need for inclusive research and procurement practices
What organisations are doing about diversity and inclusion, and what is making a difference

Download the report  (pdf)

View the launch webinar recording  (YouTube)

'A social class perspective on diversity and inclusion in UK social research'
October 2021:  This webinar was arranged and chaired by Ella Fryer-Smith, with speakers Lee Chan (Which?), Jan Shury (IFF Resarch), Steve Lacey (independent researcher), Jackie Carter (Manchester University) and Sinead Hasson (research recruitment specialist).

View the webinar recording  (You Tube)

‘In Conversation’ sessions at the SRA annual conference, November 25, 2021

‘Making research organisations more inclusive’  (YouTube)

‘Making research practice more inclusive’  (YouTube)

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