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We encourage speakers at SRA events to let us make their presentations available online. The archive below has been gathered from past events, and includes our annual conferences, summer events, social media conferences and other workshops and seminars.

SRA North Seminar: Routes into Research: Social research career options - 22 November 2023

Presentation by Amelia Clayton (Young Foundation), Olivia Brown (HMRC), Simon Maydew (Verian), Skye Curtis (MEL Research) and Peter Traynor (Youth Futures Foundation) - view here

Video of seminar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

The Social Research Association (SRA) and the CAQDAS Networking Project (CNP) partnered to bring you the opportunity to learn about, discuss and shape developments in the use of artificial intelligence in qualitative analysis.

Part 1: Friday 24th November - AI in Qualitative Analysis: Developments and Methodological implications

What’s going on with AI technologies in software designed for qualitative analysis and what are the implications of these developments on qualitative methods? Watch Part 1 of our symposium to hear qualitative software developers and methodologists discuss these issues. We invited several developers to present comparable descriptions of what their qualitative-AI tools do, how they have been developed and implemented and why. Hear from developers who have had AI tools in their programs for several years, as well as those who have recently harnessed newer generative-AI technologies. This was an opportunity to understand and reflect on technological developments and feed your questions directly to developers. This session also included discussion from qualitative methodologists about the implications of these developments on analytic practices. How do/might these technologies affect the way we go about qualitative analysis? How do/might they affect the quality of analysis and outputs? These and other questions will be addressed in a conversation with experienced methodologists and qualitative software users.

View video of Part 1 via YouTube (opens in new window/tab)

Part 2: Friday 1st December - AI in Qualitative Analysis: Research applications Challenges

How are qualitative researchers using AI tools in data analysis; what has worked well for them and what challenges are they facing? Watch Part 2 of our symposium to hear from researchers at the forefront of this rapidly expanding development, and a wide-ranging panel discussion on the opportunities, challenges and ethics of applying AI to qualitative research. We invited several researchers who have used AI tools for their analysis to share their experiences with different tools, including why they chose to do so, how they integrated them into their practice, what went well or otherwise. Use their experiences to inform your thinking about the appropriateness of Qualitative-AI tools for your analysis. Part 2 of our symposium concluded with a panel discussing the highlights, challenges and ethics involved applying AI to analysis, in particular for social research projects. What are the key considerations in different kinds of social research contexts, including government social research, academic qualitative projects, and practice-based settings?

View video of Part 2 via YouTube (opens in new window/tab)

SRA Scotland Webinar: Better deliberation, better decisions - lessons from recent deliberative engagement in Scotland - 8 June 2023

Presentation by Ciaran Mulholland & Sally Abernethy (Ipsos Scotland) - view here

SRA Annual Conference 2023

Conference Programme -
view here

Speaker presentations

Main Speakers

Catherine Hutchinson - Head of UK Government Evaluation Task Force, in conversation with Martina Vojtkova, National Centre for Social Research.

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Professor Heidi Safia Mirza, UCL and Goldsmiths - Decolonising Research: Rethinking Race, gender and intersectional approaches to research

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Ralph Scott, University of Manchester - Does ChatGPT Know What the Most Important Issue is? Using Large Language Models to Code Open-Text Social Survey Responses at Scale

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Robert Cuffe, Head of Statistics at BBC News - Clearly communicating complexity – can it be done? Stats and research findings are everywhere, but how well are they conveyed, and how can researchers bring accuracy to brevity?

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Breakout Sessions


Innovation for all

Innovation takes the wheel: the value of using novel approaches to explore views of novel technology
Clare Palmer, Thinks Insight and Strategy and Rebecca Posner, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Reflections and learnings from a Participatory Action Research approach
Elizabeth Vourdas and Michael Kattirtzi, Ofgem and Nasrat Tania,Toynbee Hall

How co-creation leads to solutions

Experiences of the cost of living in London
Kirstie Hewlett and Zara Regan, King’s College London

Insights into the development of London’s Wellbeing and Sustainability Measure
Yamini Cinamon Nair, Greater London Authority

Measure twice, estimate once

Measuring the say-do gap: using passive data to accurately capture online news habits
Steven Ginnis, Ipsos UK and Joseph Oxlade, Ofcom

Developing short-term demand scenarios using omnibus surveys - not available
Rachel Pinto and Lexi Keegan, Department for Transport

Masterclass – Sensitive topics and vulnerable participants

Sensitive topics and vulnerable participants
Dr Nicole Brown, Director of Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd. and Associate Professor at University College London


Making the most of peer researchers

Relational and Organisational? Navigating peer research methods at NatCen
Duncan Grimes, NatCen and Paul Bragman, Community Regen

Empowered participation: lessons from conducting research into the lived experiences of displaced children and young people
Ekaterina Aleynikova and Jasmin Rostron, National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Amy Ashlee, Refugee Education UK (REUK), Aiya Abdallah, University of Sussex and Heidi Smith, ONS


Researchers in residence

Researching in residence: opportunities for co-production, inclusion and empowerment
Dr Isabelle Latham, Hallmark Care Homes

How do embedded researchers bridge the research-implementation gap in public health?
Dr Rachael Edwards and Sarah Lester, University College London

Simplifying evaluation for complex problems

Major projects, major impact: examining government impact evaluation designs
Fay Sadro and Emily Power, Cabinet Office

Essentialising Evaluation: is Perfect the Enemy of the Good?
Professor David Parsons, P&A Research and Consulting

Inclusive research from the start

The Health Foundation’s Inclusion Panel - our journey to embed inclusive practice in our work
Hardeep Aiden, The Health Foundation with Sarah Rae and Amanda Rudczenko

Using participatory methods to explore the lived experiences of underrepresented groups
Dr Amber Jordan, Siannan Kerrigan and Alex Buckley, ONS

Masterclass – An Infographic 101

An Infographic 101
Lulu Pinney, freelance trainer, collaborator and designer

SRA Cymru Webinar: Supporting Children as Researchers and Advocates - 20 April 2023

Video of webinar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

SRA Cymru Webinar: Surfing the Waves of Compassionate Accountability - 13 March 2023

Video of webinar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

SRA Webinar: Peer research: sharing what works - 30 June 2022

Video of webinar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

SRA North Webinar: Using archives in social research - 13 June 2022

Video of webinar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

SRA webinar: The Potentials of Polis - 10 June 2022

Video of webinar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

SRA webinar: Deliberative engagement online - a more inclusive approach - 28 April 2022.

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SRA annual general meeting, and GDPR webinar - 1 February 2022

Minutes of the AGM - 1 February 2022

Slides from the webinar ‘GDPR or GDP?’

Note from the webinar presenter

SRA North webinar: Careers and entry routes in Social Research in the North - 12 May 2021

Video of webinar via YouTube (opens new window in YouTube)

Webinar slides

SRA webinar with LGA and Britain Thinks - 21 April 2021

'How has Covid-19 changed the way communities behave' - view here

Link to research report on the LGA website

SRA Scotland webinar: Scottish Government research in the pandemic – 20 April 2021

Presentation by Ben Cavanagh (Scottish Government) - view here

SRA Cymru webinar: A critical exploration of evaluation as a concept – 14 April 2021

Presentation by Sioned Pearce (Cardiff University) view here

Pearce et al - Evaluation in reinforcing and resisting hierarchical relations between state and civil society - view here

SRA webinar: Impact of Covid-19 on taking Scotland’s next census - 24 February 2021

Presentation by Esta Clark (NRS - Head of Statistical Design) and Larissa Baines (NRS - Head of Census Business Design) - view here

SRA webinar: GDPR & Brexit: What researchers need to know - 21 January 2021

Presentation by Mark Phillips (Information Security, GIDE UK) - view here

SRA North free seminar: Understanding Health Inequalities: Research in Practice - 14 December 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on Poverty and Solutions Going Forward (David Leese, Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

Women, health and homelessness in London (Suzy Solley, Groundswell)

Launching a Health Inequalities Strategy (Georgina Culliford, Qa Research & Becky Barwick, NHS Leeds CCG)

Groundswell podcast - Women, homelessness and health:

Video of seminar via Zoom (YouTube):

SRA Scotland: What’s the future of face-to-face surveys? Online Seminar - 11 November 2020

Presentation by Chris Martin (Ipsos MORI) - view here

SRA Annual Conference 2019: Blurring boundaries and crossing frontiers in social research

Conference Programme -
view here  

Collation of Conference Twitter activity compiled in Wakelet -
view here

Speaker presentations

Plenary Speakers

*Keynote Speech: 'What the new frontiers of data science and AI may mean for social research' (Sir Adrian Smith, Director, Alan Turing Institute)
Public participation in climate change research & policy (Lorraine Whitmarsh, Director, CAST)
Interdisciplinarity: common ground as public good (Professor Pamela Cox, Social historian, Essex University)

Audio recordings of speaker presentations - view here

Audience questions put to plenary speakers -
view here

Workshop presentations


Can Realist evaluation be applied to evaluation of a £23bn government scheme? (Michael Gentry, BEIS & Denny Gray, CAG Consultants)
Lessons from the evaluation of GMC interventions aimed at supporting doctors (Francis Leng & Bev Taylor, The General Medical Council)
Supporting participants in a self-driven journey of policy creation (Skye McCool, Traverse)
Disability research on independent living and learning (Jody Mellor, DRILL Cymru)
Research / Participation: the blurring of concepts in working with young people (Dr Gayle Munro, National Children’s Bureau)
Negotiating independent ethical review of co-produced disability research: Issues and lessons (Peter Scott & Alison Koslowski, DRILL)


The currency of colleaguehood: Insider researchers in a charitable trust (Laura Bolton & Roz Warden, Barnwood Trust)
Fast and slow thinking in trying to make a difference (Dr Janet Bowstead, Royal Holloway, University of London)
Digital deliberations: creating a tool for thoughtful democracy (Ceri Davies & Anna Marcinkiewicz, NatCen Social Research)
Responding to change by changing: data-driven improvement in organisations (Dr Keira Lowther, Dartington Service Design Lab)
A qualitative study of food banks, food poverty, referrals, and health in London: Methodological and ethical reflections (Claire Thompson, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

Masterclass Sessions

Creative methods in qualitative data collection (Nicole Browne, UCL)
What are complex systems evaluations? (Dr Matt Egan, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.)

* coming soon

SRA Cymru free afternoon seminar - School spending across the UK - 14 October 2019

School spending across the UK: trends and challenges (Luke Sibieta, Institute for Fiscal Studies)

SRA Scotland Lunchtime Seminar - Adhering to the Government Social Research Code (it is not always easy) - 24 July 2019

Adhering to the Government Social Research Code (Faye Gracey, Welsh Government)

SRA Summer Event - New ways of seeing: Social research in a digital, visual age - 3 July 2019

Visual digital media: Everyday content, everyday challenges - presentation (Tim Highfield, Assistant Professor, New Media, University of Amsterdam)
Visual digital media: Everyday content, everyday challenges - references (Tim Highfield, Assistant Professor, New Media, University of Amsterdam)
Digital tools for visual analysis (Dr. Christina Silver, Director, Qualitative Data Analysis Services)
New ways of seeing: Analysing digital visual data (Helen Lomax, Director of Research, University of Huddersfield)

SRA Cymru/MRS free evening seminar - Understanding suicide prevention on the railways - 5 June 2019

Ghosts on the line: Researching suicide on the railway (Dr. Robin Pharoah, Founder, Encounter Consulting & Director of Insights, Future Agenda)

SRA North Evening Seminar - How social research can support the new NHS long term plan - 3 April 2019

Co-developing tech solutions in adult social care (Richard Bryan, Managing Director, Qa Research)
Semiotics, Health & The NHS (Rachel Lawes, Lawes Consulting)

Wales Social Research Awards Event - 7 December 2017

Wales Social Research Awards event programme
Wales Social Research Awards main presentation
Wales Social Research Awards winner's supporting statement