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Directory of Social Change

Research and Policy Contact: Judith Turner
Work Directory of Social Change Suite 103, 1 Old Hall Street Liverpool L3 9HG United Kingdom Work Phone: 01517080136 Website: Research at DSC


We have over 40 years of research experience, and the other work we do supporting tens of thousands of charities means we know how to use it. Being a charity ourselves, we understand the challenges involved in getting quality information about the work you do. Whether the need for solid and useable data is coming from your leadership team, your trustees or a funder, we can help you to get the right information and present it in the right way for you.

Categories: Evaluation, Literature review, Mixed methods, Project management, Qualitative analysis, Qualitative fieldwork, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Questionnaire design & testing, Report writing, Survey methods, Voluntary sector