Ethics consultancy forum

This free service supports SRA members when they encounter ethical dilemmas in their research.

How does it work?

Email Ron Iphofen:  ron [dot] iphofen [at] to ask your question or make your request.  Let us know if you would prefer it to remain anonymous / unattributable throughout the consultation process.

Your question or request is circulated to the members of the consultancy forum. Their responses are collated and sent back to you, normally within seven working days.

This is an informal, confidential forum to support researchers and help you to think about the issue by bringing a range of views to bear. The participants, who give their time voluntarily, have had considerable combined experience of social research across different sectors, and currently include:

Alison Allam - Independent social researcher
Leila Baker - Head of Research, Institute for Voluntary Action Research
Jane Evans - Independent social researcher
Berni Graham - Independent social researcher and evaluator
Carolyn Heitmeyer - Research and Insight Team, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Relations
Helen Kara -   Independent social researcher and writer
Yulia Kartalova O’Doherty - Director, Applied Research Consultancy Ltd
Rosemary Lamport, Independent social reseacher
Cecile Morales - Qualitative Research Team, Department for Work and Pensions
Martin Tolich - Associate professor, Otago University, New Zealand

Please note:  As with all ethical queries there can be differences of opinion so you may receive a range of views.  As this is a peer mentoring activity neither the SRA nor members of the forum can be held accountable in any way for actions you take to resolve an ethical issue – that is for you to decide.

A professional ethics advice service is also available on the website of the UK Research Integrity Office.