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Request for Proposals: Understanding the social and economic circumstances of L&Q lone parent household’s

For further details please contact Natalie Playfair at

L&Q is one of the largest housing associations in the UK and the largest in London; with a recent merger with East Thames housing we have over 90,000 properties throughout London and the South East. Each year L&Q, as a charitable housing association, works with partners to help those in housing need. We invest 10 million in our communities which we fund through our L&Q Foundation; with the aim of improving our residents’ life chances and create opportunities in our communities.

L&Q’s records show that over 13 thousand households are lone parent families. The L&Q Foundation has identified that access to childcare is a common barrier affecting the employability and level of poverty for some lone parent residents. There is also a growing political interest in supporting lone parents into work and all political parties continue to see work as the main route out of poverty.

We are seeking a partner who understands our work as a charitable housing provider and our client group formed of mixed tenures. The work you will do is vital to the next support interventions we put in place for this client group. Through an informative feasibility study you will help us build awareness around L&Q single parent residents; reduce any negative impact on the parent such as poor health and wellbeing, mental health, social isolation and lack of personal development.

We are interested to hear suggestions of an approach that will engage the greatest number of our residents to gain a detailed profile of single parents with childcare and other caring responsibilities to provide us with a comprehensive insight; we are open to suggestions and have a preference for mixed methods to be used.

Please submit your proposal by email to Natalie Playfair at  by 5.00PM Friday 29th December 2017.


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