Events - Archive of presentations and papers

We encourage speakers at SRA events to let us make their presentations available online:  the archive below has been gathered from events going back to 2005.  It includes our annual  conferences, summer events, social media conferences and other workshops and seminars.

SRA Summer Event - New ways of seeing: Social research in a digital, visual age - 3 July 2019

  Visual digital media: Everyday content, everyday challenges - presentation (Tim Highfield, Assistant Professor, New Media, University of Amsterdam)

  Visual digital media: Everyday content, everyday challenges - references (Tim Highfield, Assistant Professor, New Media, University of Amsterdam)

  Digital tools for visual analysis (Dr. Christina Silver, Director, Qualitative Data Analysis Services)

  New ways of seeing: Analysing digital visual data (Helen Lomax, Director of Research, University of Huddersfield)

SRA Cymru/MRS free evening seminar - Understanding suicide prevention on the railways - 5 June 2019

  Ghosts on the line: Researching suicide on the railway (Dr. Robin Pharoah, Founder, Encounter Consulting & Director of Insights, Future Agenda)

SRA North Evening Seminar - How social research can support the new NHS long term plan - 3 April 2019

  Co-developing tech solutions in adult social care (Richard Bryan, Managing Director, Qa Research)

  Semiotics, Health & The NHS (Rachel Lawes, Lawes Consulting)

SRA Annual Conference 2018: Adapting to change - where next for social research?

Conference Programme

Collation of Conference Twitter activity (by Annika Coughlin) - view here

Speaker presentations

  Keynote Speech: Should We Have Seen Brexit Coming? Lessons of 40 (and a bit) Years of Social Research (John Curtice, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University)

  Research standards, impact and funding - and what to expect from the new UKRI? (Jennifer Rubin, Executive Chair, Economic and Social Research Council)

  Technology as change agent? (Why introducing technologies in the hope of driving change almost never works)(Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary care and Health Science, Oxford University)

Plenary Presentation Videos

(The plenary presentations are in video format, and clicking on the link will take you to the SRA's YouTube channel)

  Keynote Speech: Should We Have Seen Brexit Coming? Lessons of 40 (and a bit) Years of Social Research (John Curtice, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University)

  Research standards, impact and funding - and what to expect from the new UKRI? (Jennifer Rubin, Executive Chair, Economic and Social Research Council)

  Technology as change agent? (Why introducing technologies in the hope of driving change almost never works.) (Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary care and Health Science, Oxford University)

Workshop presentations

  Demystifying the Bus Network (Liz Boast & Emma Salter, SYSTRA Ltd.)

  An innovative approach to delivering the English Private Landlord Survey (Shane Brownie, Independent researcher & Sarah Frankenburg, NatCen Social Research)

  Co-developing tech-based information tools within social care (Richard Bryan, Qa Research & Lisa McNally, Bracknell Forest Council)

  Making the transition from face-to-face to online surveying: a client’s perspective (Ethan Greenwood, Wellcome Collection & Patrick Sturgis, Southampton University)

  Accounting for falling response rates in Scottish population surveys (Jamie Robertson, Scottish Government & Chris Martin, Ipsos MORI)

  What can Big Data do for social research? (Tom Smith, ONS Data Science Campus & Gerry Nicolaas, NatCen Social Research)

  Honey I shrunk the longitudinal design: research with time pressed people (Sophie Wilson, Ipsos MORI & George Holt, Which?)

Masterclass Sessions

  Semiotics for social researchers (Dr Rachel Lawes)

  An Infographic 101 (Lulu Pinney, Telling information)

SRA Scotland evening seminar - Using deliberative methods to engage the public in policy discussions - 18 September 2018

  Deliberative Methods in Policy Research: Lessons from the regulated industries (Kaela Scott, Head Of Democratic Innovation, Involve & Sara Davidson, Deliberative Research Lead, Ipsos MORI)

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Mixed Mode Series: Estimating Welsh language prevalence via an online-only random probability survey - 17 July 2018

  Estimating Welsh language prevalence via an online survey (Andrew Phelps, Office For National Statistics)

Ethics in practice in innovative methods - The SRA Summer Event - 21 June 2018

  Internet Research: How not to do a ‘Cambridge Analytica’ (Callum Staff, Government Social Media Research Group)

  Visual methodologies, sand and psychoanalysis (Dawn Mannay, Cardiff University)

  ExChange: Care & Education (Dawn Mannay, Cardiff University)

  The Ethics Of Place-based Research (Louise Sheridan, Youth/Community Work, Glasgow)

SRA North & Liverpool University Evening Seminar - Making the most of data: Advances in secondary analysis - 17 April 2018

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Experimenting with survey modes to maximise response rates - 14 March 2018

SRA/#NSMNSS Conference: Answering social science questions with social media data - 8 March 2018

Conference Programme

Speaker Presentations

  Keynote 1 - Recognition of citizens’ voice with social media (Steven McDermott, Qualitative Analysis and Social Media Lead, HMRC)

  Shouting at MPs: Sentiment analysis of tweets sent as @messages (Amy Binns, University of Central Lancashire)

  Fact perception and public expectations in a digital world (Clare Llewellyn, University of Edinburgh)

  Keynote 2 - Sensing human behaviour with online data (Suzy Moat, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School)

  Socialisation or social isolation? Virtual ethnography and mental ill health (Kim Heyes, Manchester Metropolitan University)

  Sleep, stress and social media (Josh Smith, Demos)

Wales Social Research Awards Event - 7 December 2017

SRA Annual Conference 2017: Social Research in a Sceptical Age

Conference Programme

Storify of Conference Twitter activity (collated by Annika Coughlin) - view here

Speaker presentations
(The plenary presentations are in video format, and clicking on the link will take you to the SRA's YouTube channel)

  Keynote Speech: Social Research in a Sceptical Age (John Pullinger, National Statistician)

  Meaning, validity and expertise: Lessons for social research from the era of post-truth (Professor Tim May, Director of Research, Sheffield Methods Institute)

  Another voice: ‘Is social research science?' (David Walker, Contributing Editor, Guardian Public & Richard Bartholemew, SRA)

Workshop presentations

  Making change happen together: Involving young cancer patients in our research (Anna Christina Carnegie & Rachel Blackford, CLIC Sargent)

  ‘Tales on the Beat’: Through the looking glass of male sex work (George Dake, University of Central Lancashire)

  A new (old) tool to present research evidence to policy-makers (Jamie Guth, World Health Organization/TDR)

  A new way of measuring impact? Using hyperlocal survey data and the Community Life Survey (Ailbhe McNabola, Power to Change Trust & Alice Fitzpatrick, Kantar Public)

  The evaluation of two pilots for the 30 hours free childcare policy (Rachel Murphy, Dept. for Education & Gillian Paull, Frontier Economics)

  Representing voices through film: ‘Homelessness and bad housing’ (Bill Pitt & Heidi Hasbrouck, Kantar Public & Jenny Pennington, Shelter)

  Analysing the impact of the Sentencing Council’s burglary guideline (Sarah Poppleton & Caroline Nauth-Misir, Office of the Sentencing Council)

  Using innovative theory-based evaluation methods in energy efficiency policy (Emily Sumner & Adam Stiles, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

SRA North & Midlands Evening Seminar (with Methods@Manchester) - Innovative Qualitative Methods for Researching Everyday Life - 29 November 2017

SRA Scotland Event - Where now for the random probability survey - 14 September 2017

  Declining response rates & their impact (Keith Bolling, Director at Kantar Public & Patten Smith, Head of Research Methods Centre at Ipsos MORI and SRA Chair)

  The case for quota sampling (Roger Mortimore, Director of Political Analysis, Ipsos MORI)

  Address-based online surveying (Joel Williams, Head of Survey Methods at Kantar Public)

  Where now for the random probability study? (Patrick Sturgis, Director of National Centre for Research Methods)

  Scottish Government Population Surveys: The clients’ perspective (Jamie Robertson, Office of the Chief Statistician, Scottish Government)

SRA Summer Event 2017 - Where now for the random probability survey? - 29 June 2017

  Declining response rates & their impact (Keith Bolling, Director at Kantar Public & Patten Smith, Head of Research Methods Centre at Ipsos MORI and SRA Chair)

  The case for quota sampling (Roger Mortimore, Director of Political Analysis, Ipsos MORI)

  Developing Britain's first random-probability research panel (Kirby Swales, Director of the Survey Research Centre at NatCen)

  Address-based online surveying (Joel Williams, Head of Survey Methods at Kantar Public)

  Where now for the random probability study? (Patrick Sturgis, Director of National Centre for Research Methods)

  How do research commissioners review their options? (Siobhan Campbell, Head of Central Research Team and Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for Transport)

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Young people, devolution, and territorial rescaling - 4 May 2017

SRA free evening seminar - Benefit sanctions: recent analysis by the National Audit Office - 21 March 2017

  Benefit sanctions (Dimitris Pipinis, Andrew Tuffin & Sarah Taylor, National Audit Office)

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Writing creatively for research - 1 March 2017

  Writing creatively for research (Dr. Helen Kara FAcSS, We Research It Ltd.)

SRA Cymru Festive Network Event - 1 December 2016

  'You are what you have done' (Professor Laurence Moseley, University of South Wales)

SRA Annual Conference 2016: Making the links: New directions for social researchers

Conference Programme

Storify of Conference Twitter activity (collated by Annika Coughlin) - view here

Speaker presentations

  Keynote Speech: The data divide: From collection to analysis (Sharon Witherspoon
MBE FAcSS, Director of Policy at the Academy of Social Science)

  Dealing with real-world complexities in policy evaluations (Siobhan Campbell, Head of Central Research Team and Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for Transport; Chair of the Cross-Government Evaluation Group)

  Social science in food policy and practice (Peter Jackson, Professor of Human Geography, University of Sheffield)

  Words and numbers: Linguistic analyses of big survey data (Tony McEnery, Director of Research at ESRC)

Workshop presentations

  Breaking the taboo: learning from research with children affected by sexual violence (Dr Helen Beckett & Dr Camille Warrington, University of Bedfordshire)

  Preparing young people to leave child/adolescent mental health services: a service user/provider/researcher collaboration (Valerie Dunn, NIHR CLAHRC, East of England (EoE)/University of Cambridge & Lorna Jacobs, NIHR CLAHRC, East of England)

  Big data in practice (Rebecca Harpley & Sarah Johnson, London Borough of Newham)

  Developing Britain’s first random-probability research panel (Curtis Jessop, NatCen Social Research)

  Building the Home Standard: a mixed methods odyssey (Isabella Pereira, Ipsos MORI & Hilary Burkitt, Shelter & Elizabeth Copp, Ipsos MORI)

  Co-producing community with disabled citizens as researchers (Sara Spencer, Suffolk County Council & Dr Sue Hollinrake, University of Suffolk & Geof Dix, Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People)

  Mapping the route: identifying and consulting HS2’s impacted populations (Carry Stephenson & Evelyn Robertson, SYSTRA Ltd.)

  Conducting research in a conflict zone (Rosaline Sullivan, BBC Media Action)

  Engaging disabled people in sport: working with a creative agency to deliver better research (Angus Tindle, IFF Research Ltd. & Julie Hudson, Hudson Fuggle)

  The ‘gamification’ of research: benefits and challenges (Dr Dawn Watkins, Leicester Law School, University of Leicester)

SRA Cymru Annual Festive Network Event - 1 December 2016

  The Research Service - What we do and how we do it (National Assembly for Wales)

#NSMNSS / SRA Seminar - An introduction to tools for social media research - 11 October 2016

  Critically engaging with social media research tools (Steven McDermott, University of the Arts London)

  Introduction to NodeXL (Wasim Ahmed, University of Sheffield)

  Doing social media analytics with Chorus (Phillip Brooker, University of Bath)

  Using Facebook as a research tool (Gillian Mooney, University of Leeds)

  Mapping the visual DNA of a brand in social media coming soon (Francesco D’Orazio, Pulsar)

  How to use R and QGIS to find out tourism hotspots in cities (Yeran Sun, Urban Big Data Centre, University of Glasgow)

SRA Morning Seminar - Visual & participatory research methods in the digital age - 4 October 2016

  Visual & participatory research methods in the digital age (Dr. Janet Salmons PhD, Vision2Lead)

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Creative, visual and participatory methods - 19 July 2016

  Creative, visual and participatory methods (Dawn Mannay, Cardiff University)

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Assessing gypsy and traveller needs: Policy and methodological issues - 17 March 2016

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar - Sample Bias Adjustment using election data collected online - 23 February 2016

SRA Annual Conference 2015: What makes for evidence we can trust?

Conference Programme

Storify of Conference Twitter activity (collated by Caroline Kuhn) - view here

Speaker presentations

  Keynote Speech: Evidence in public policy (Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies)

  What counts as good evidence? (Leon Feinstein, Director of Evidence at the Early Intervention Foundation)

  People remember stories: Research, evidence and policy (Jane Millar, Professor of Social Policy, Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath)

Workshop presentations

  Evaluating early intervention services using contribution analysis: Lessons learned (Cara Blaisdell, University of Edinburgh, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships)

  The challenge of Participatory Action Research with children and young people (Catherine Goodall, University of Edinburgh and Adam Barnard, Nottingham Trent University)

  Device agnostic survey design: Challenges and opportunities for Social Research (Tim Hanson, TNS BMRB, Peter Matthews, TNS BMRB, Alexander Wenz, ISER)

  What can real-time data offer, and are decision-makers ready for it anyway? (Dr Rachel Harris, Glasgow Centre for Population Health)

  What is high quality social research? (Ivana La Valle, SRA Trustee, William Solesbury, King’s College London and Teresa Williams, Nuffield Foundation)

  Creating ‘National Statistics’ (Donna Livesey, UKSA, Clare McConnell, Health and Social Care information Centre and Sally McManus, NatCen Social Research)

  Representing service users and frontline staff in value for money reports to Parliament (Erin Mansell and Maria-Christina Eskioglou, National Audit Office (NAO)

  Social research in a sociotechnical world: How can social researchers respond to our biggest challenge? (Jonathan Oldershaw, Madano Partnerships and Dr Adam Cooper, UCL)

  Food bank use in the UK: When is research evidence good enough? (Jane Perry, Independent social researcher)

  Addressing the problems of speaking and listening in research (Dr Alastair Roy, University of Central Lancashire)

  Press releases: Take control of your findings (Amy Sippitt and Phoebe Arnold, Full Fact)

SRA Scotland Evening Seminar - An overview of the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey - 1 December 2015

SRA Scotland Evening Seminar - An overview of the Scottish Household Survey - 17 November 2015

  The Scottish Household Survey: Then, now, next? (Chris Martin, Ipsos MORI Scotland)

SRA Evening Seminar - Poor beginnings - Geographical variation in young children’s health - 4 November 2015

SRA Scotland Workshop: Creative research methods in practice - 14 October 2015

  Creative Research Methods in Practice (Dr. Helen Kara, Managing Director, We Research It)

SRA Scotland Evening Seminar - The Scottish Health Survey - Inequalities & risk factors - 6 October 2015

  The Scottish Health Survey (Craig Kellock, Health Analytical Services, Scottish Government)

SRA Evening Seminar – How politically engaged are the British public? - 23 September 2015

  How politically engaged are the British public? (Miranda Phillips & Ian Simpson, NatCen)

SRA Summer Event 2015 - Researching the coalition years: How has the UK changed? - 7 July 2015

  Social policy in a cold climate: Changes in coalition Britain (Professor John Hills, Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion at LSE)

  Generation strains: The shifting cultural context in coalition Britain (Bobby Duffy, Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute)

  Not so risky business: The reality of changing youth behaviours (Carrie Harding & Shadi Ghezelayagh, TNS-BMRB; Clare Baker, DfE)

SRA Evening Seminar - Fathers’ parenting before and after separation - 11 June 2015

  Parenting and contact before and after separation (Tina Haux, University of Kent, Lucinda Platt, LSE & Rachel Rosenberg, Institute of Education)

SRA Conference: Creative research methods - 8 May 2015

Conference programme

  Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Social Research Association)

Storify of conference tweets - view here

Arts Based Research

  Emerging narratives through collage (Sarah Anderson, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research)

  Please see Dr Sara Ramshaw and Dr Paul Stapleton's website for more information on their project and research (Dr Sara Ramshaw, University of Exeter Law School & Dr Paul Stapleton, Queen’s University Belfast)

  'Poetry as a research tool' (Maggie Laidlaw, University of Edinburgh)

Research Using Technology

  Quantitative analysis of visual data as evidence (Dr Clare Rose, The Royal School of Needlework)

  Participatory videos as a creative research method: The Chiquitano peoples of Bolivia (Iokiñe Rodriguez, University of East Anglia & Mirna Liz Inturias, Universidad NUR, Bolivia)

  Games as an unobtrusive research tool in socio-legal research (Dr Joanna Barwick, School of Law, University of Leicester)

Mixed Methods

  What do university people know about people with a learning difficulty? (Dr Shirley Durell, University of Coventry)

  Creative practice in research examining disabled young people’s narratives of embodiment (Janice Mclaughlin, Edmund Coleman-Fountain, Abigail Durrant, Newcastle University and Jayne Wallace, University of Dundee)

  Mixed methods, multiple identities: Pre-teen girls and fashionable dress (Julie L. Blanchard, University for the Creative Arts)

  Acting to end abuse: Using creative methods to engage young people (Kay Standing and Janette Porter, Liverpool John Moores University)

  The ethno/graphic comic: Towards a culturally resonant science of representation (Dr Stephen R. O’Sullivan, University College Cork and Professor Robert V. Kozinets, York University)

Transformative Research Frameworks

  Participatory biographies: Walking, sensing, belonging (Maggie O’Neill, Durham University)

  Collaborative arts-based research for social justice (Victoria Foster, Edge Hill University)

SRA Seminars - Getting to yes in the digital age - 7 & 11 May 2015

  Getting to yes in the digital age (Janet Salmons, PhD, Vision 2 Lead)

  Ethics in social media research (Matthew Williams, Social Data Science Lab, Cardiff University)

SRA Cymru Afternoon Seminar - The Millennium Cohort Study - 14 April 2015

  The Millennium Cohort Study (Emla Fitzsimons, Institute of Education, University of London)

Cognitive interviewing: Practice and uses seminar - 26 March 2015

  Cognitive interviewing: Practice and uses (Debbie Collins & Jo d’Ardenne, Questionnaire Development & Testing Hub, NatCen)

Professor Sir Roger Jowell Memorial Lecture - March 2015

  The Fractured Isle? This Disputed Realm? (John Curtice, Strathclyde University)

SRA Evening Seminar - The Value of Understanding Society for Current Research - February 2015

  The Value of Understanding Society for Current Research (Professor Nick Buck, Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex)

Full Fact and Social Research Seminar - October 2014

  Full Fact and Social Research (Amy Sippitt & Phoebe Arnold,

SRA Annual Conference 2014: Changing social research: Evolution or revolution?

Storify – collected conference tweets

  Using Randomised Control Trials to test the effectiveness of service improvements (Toby Blume & Sherilyn Dos Santos, London Borough of Lambeth)

  Combining cognitive interviews with eye-tracking (Debbie Collins & Jo d’Ardenne, NatCen Social Research)

  Supporting organisations to undertake rigorous evaluations –the role of government administrative datasets (Georgina Eaton, Justice Data Lab Team, Ministry of Justice & Tracey Gyateng, Data Lab Project Manager, New Philanthropy Capital)

  Data Visualisation: A tool for engagement (Daniel Ellis & Dr Louise Morpeth, Dartington Social Research Unit)

  Consumers’ hierarchy of priorities (Justin Gutmann, Citizens Advice & Colin Strong, GfK)

  Ethical Research Using Technology (Dr Helen Kara, Director, We Research It Ltd)

  The use of geo-trigger technology in research using smartphones (Nicola Moss & Steven Ginnis, Ipsos MORI )

  Challenges and opportunities of digital social research: Access and Anonymity (Dr. Dan Nunan, Henley Business School, University of Reading)

  Ethnography goes digital: Researching professionals using a qualitative mobile app (Chris Perry & Isabella Pereira, Ipsos MORI & NSPCC)

  The re-design of ONS business surveys: An Agile Approach (Katherine Ralph & Bethan Jones, Data Collection Methodology (DCM))

  The Impact of Big Data on Social Research (David Rhind & Sharon Witherspoon, Nuffield Foundation)

  Introducing new survey technologies into the Church of England (Dave Ruston, Research By Design & Sarah Barter-Godfrey, Church Of England)

  Using “Innovative Methods” for governmental social research (Jonathan Smetherham & Lucy Glazebrook, Government Social Research (GSR))

  The End is Nigh? Survey research and socio-technological change (Professor Patrick Sturgis, National Centre For Research Methods (NCRM))

SRA Scotland Evening Seminar: Cognitive interviewing and the Scottish Social Attitudes survey - October 2014

  Designing effective survey questions (Annie Wild and Anna Marcinkiewicz, ScotCen Social Research)

SRA Scotland Evening Seminar: Using social media to increase research impact - October 2014

  Promoting research online (Sheena Fletcher, Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH))

SRA Summer Event 2014: Living with austerity – What does research tell us?

  Living with austerity – how is it affecting the better-off half of the 99%? (Danny Dorling, School of Geography and the Environment,University of Oxford)

  Council Tax Support and Adult Social Care: recent work by the National Audit Office (Richard Douglas, Senior Analyst & Sarah Taylor, Analyst, NAO)

  Families in Austerity: Understanding food poverty  (Suzanne Hall, Ipsos MORI)

SRA Evening Seminar: Latest findings from the Great British Sex Survey - June 2014

  The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal): Methods and Latest findings (Soazig Clifton, (NatCen), Dr Clare Tanton (UCL) & Bob Erens (UCL/LSHTM))

SRA Evening Seminar: Impacts of ageing populations on rural service design & delivery - May 2014

  Lessons from Research, and Lessons on Partnership (Caitlin Connors, Marita Kenrick & Anna Bloch, TNS and Sally-Marie Bamford & Dylan Kneale, ILC

Social Media in Social Research Conference 2014

View the Twitter highlights from the Conference

  “Uninformed consent” & social media research (Dr. Dan Nunan, Henley Business School, University of Reading)

  The Social Media Challenge within The Food Standards Agency (Dr Joanna Disson, Principal Social Science Research Officer, FSA and James Baker, Social Media Manager, FSA)

  Facebook & Scottish Referendum... (Preriit Souda & Alastair Graham, TNS)

  The Collaborative Online Social Media Observatory (Rob Procter, Warwick University)

  The ESRC’s Social Media Agenda (Samantha McGregor, ESRC)

SRA Evening Seminar: Preparing for the worst or hoping for the best? UK priorities on climate change - March 2014

SRA Annual Conference 2013: Getting social research into policy & practice

See these 3 curated resources on Storify:   -   Overview of the event   -   'How does a society think'    -   Addressing the gaps between social research, policy and practice

  Impact of social research in policy making: domestic violence protection orders pilot study (Amanda White, Crime and Policing Analysis, Home Office)

  Helping private tenants to achieve financial inclusion: engaging with stakeholders - a summary (Andrea Finney, University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre)

  How do you evaluate local practice in times of austerity? (Andrea Kirkpatrick & Maria Strudwick, Department for Work & Pensions)

  Generations (Bobby Duffy, Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute)

  The Predictors of Wellbeing Study: a case study of research and policy working together - a summary (Danielle De Feo, Department of Health & Jenny Chanfreau, NatCen Social Research)

  Learning Days: a method of exchange between research and NHS practice - a summary (Gemma Spiers, Yvonne Birks & Gillian Parker, Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of York)

  Research and influencing (Helen Barnard, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF))

  The child protection system: the missing voice (Ivana La Valle, Independent researcher)

  Mind the implementation gap: How implementation science helps get research into practice (Jane Lewis, The Colebrooke Centre for Evidence and Implementation)

  Achieving impact by joining up research, policy and practice - a summary (Jennifer Gibb, NCB Research Centre & Keith Clements, NCB Policy Team)

  Systematic reviews and impact assessments: Examining the evidence-base for the ‘tools’ of evidence-informed policymaking in public health (Dr Katherine Smith & Dr Ellen Stewart, Global Public Health Unit, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh)

  FSA Citizens’ Forums: A model for embedding consumer engagement into policy (Lizzie Jordan, TNS BMRB & Ely Mirzahosseinkhan, Food Standards Agency)

  What Works? Improving the use of evidence across public services (Ross Neilson,
Cabinet Office & Robbie Coleman, Education Endowment Foundation)

  Addressing violence and abuse to achieve government priorities (Sally McManus, NatCen Social Research)

  Cooperative innovation: Ethnography in Lambeth (Mark Picksley, Lambeth Council & Dr.Robin Pharoah, ESRO)

  Communicating longitudinal and multidisciplinary research (Meghan Rainsberry, Centre for Longitudinal Studies)

  Commonwealth Games 2014 legacy evaluation (Niamh O’Connor, Scottish Government)

  Sharing our research: challenges and new approaches at the Big Lottery Fund (Sally Taylor & David Taylor, Evidence Unit, Big Lottery Fund)

The 2013 Cathie Marsh memorial lecture: What can RCTs bring to social policy evaluation?

SRA Cymru Evening Seminar: Freebies - October 2013

  WISERD Data Portal - The WISERD Social Science Data Discovery Tool (Scott Orford and Ian Harvey, Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD))

  Introduction to R (Dr. Peter Morgan, Cardiff University)

SRA Scotland GUS Evening Seminar - September 2013

  Designing and developing a questionnaire for children in the Growing up in Scotland study (Judith Mabelis, Senior Researcher, ScotCen Social Research)

SRA Cymru Half Day Seminar - September 2013

Social Media in Social Research Conference 2013

See these curated resources:

1.  A conference Overview

2.  Keynote theme:  Using Twitter and image analysis

3.  Conference theme:  Ethics of social media research

  SRA Social Media in Social Research 2013 Survey (Dr. Simon Haslam, FMR Research/University of Strathclyde)

  Are We Getting It Right? Social Media Users’ Views on Social Media Research (Kelsey Beninger, Alexandra Fry & Natalie Jago, NatCen)

  Exploring Privacy Behaviours of Social Media Users (Nicola Stanley, Silver Dialogue Ltd.)

  Social Media, Social Science & Research Ethics (Dr Janet Salmons, Kandy Woodfield, NCRM)

SRA Summer Event 2013: The Census: Now and in the Future

  How is the Census faring? - Impact of 2011 Census - Beyond 2011 Programme (Ian Cope, Director Population and Demography, ONS)

  What’s Needed Locally? (Ludi Simpson, University of Manchester)

  Discussant's presentation (Simon Briscoe, Author and Journalist)

Third Sector in Transition Seminars 2013  (SRA/TSRC)

  The Third Sector in Unsettled Times: Insights From a Qualitative Longitudinal Study (Rob Macmillan and Rebecca Taylor, University of Birmingham)

  A Comparative Understanding of the Commercialisation of the Third Sector (Simon Teasdale and Domenico Moro, University of Birmingham)

  Market Making in the Third Sector: Demand Led Capacity Building and Transforming Infrastructure(Rob Macmillan, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham)

  The Third Sector in Transition: The Distribution of Voluntary Resources (Sarah Bulloch, Third Sector Research Centre, University Of Southampton)

SRA Annual conference 2012: Social Research in the Digital Age

  Opportunities and Challenges for the Digital Researcher (Dr Grant Blank, Dr Yvette Morey)

  Understanding the Quality of the 2011 Census in England and Wales (Adriana Castaldo, Andrew Charlesworth)

  Video Testimony on Rural Poverty and Exclusion (Dr Eldin Fahmy, Dr Simon Pemberton)

  Data Visualisation in the Research Industry: It’s Time To Embrace It (Ian Jarvis, Jerry Latter, Hannah Bellamy)

  Making it Matter: Using Video Ethnography (Nick Leon, Annie Crowley)

  Tweets as Big Data (Rob Procter, Alex Voss)

  How Researchers Study: Twitter: A Review of Methods and Data … (Shirley A. Williams, Melissa Terras, Claire Warwick)

Evening seminar: Contacting participants for online research - Nov. 2012

SRA Cymru Evening Seminars 2012

SRA Summer Event - June 2012

Evening Seminar: Lies, damned lies and food behaviours - April 2012

SRA Social Media conference - March 2012

SRA Annual conference - December 2011

SRA Summer Event - July 2011

SRA Social Media conference - February 2011

  Social news (Richard Mills)

SRA Annual conference - December 2010

  Plenary address (Easton)

  Afternoon panel notes (William Solesbury)

  Researching multiple exclusion (Bowpitt, Dwyer, Sundin, Weinstein)

  Pathways through participation (Jochum, Warburton)

  Selling sex on the doorstep (Nicholson, Phelps)

  Cost-effective behaviour change (Thompson, Taylor)

SRA Summer Event - July 2010

SRA Annual conference - December 2009

SRA Summer Event - July 2009

  Hunters and farmers (Andrew Curry)

  Exploring long-term human futures (Wendy L Schultz)

Ethics in Social Science: Regulation, Review, or Scrutiny? - May 2009

SRA Summer Event - July 2008

SRA Seminar: Researching Standards in Public Life - April 2008

SRA Workshop: Making Policy - March 2008

Consent and Confidentiality in Social Research - Jan 2008

SRA Annual conference - December 2007

SRA Summer Event - July 2007

SRA Annual conference - December 2006

SRA Annual conference - December 2005

  Researching your own community (Arnull, Patel)

  Riding the waves (Nick Axford)

  A view from the peer (Christopoulos, Rose)

  Voluntary sector led research (Grotz, Rochester)

  Analysis for policy (Coates, Penn, Benita, Davies, Campbell)

  Reflections from the field (Sutton, Smith, Deardon, Middleton)

  Necessity or nuisance? (Wright, Walton)