Ethics training

The SRA will run a new training course, ‘Ethical thinking and decision making in practice’, on 29 June 2016 in London. This course will help you to develop your skills in ethical thinking and ethical decision-making, and equip you with tools and resources to prepare you to handle the dilemmas that researchers encounter. It is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced researchers who want to improve their skills in ethical thinking and decision-making. The course covers:

  • A brief overview of ethical and decision theories
  • Discussion of ethical aspects of research at all stages of the research process, from the first generation of ideas to the last piece of dissemination - and beyond
  • A detailed case study of real-world research in practice: what is ethical, questionable, and unethical
  • Exploration of ethical thinking and decision-making from different moral standpoints, and the difference they make
  • Any current ethical dilemmas you face, or past dilemmas you have faced, where you would like the group's input

The course is led by Dr Helen Kara, who has been an independent researcher since 1999. She is the author of several articles and two books on research methods, most recently Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide which has a strong emphasis on research ethics.

The course fee is £260 (for SRA members, £195). Full details and booking on the training page.