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AM workshop choice

- Big data in practice
‘Evaluation is not a report. It’s a practice.’ A funder’s reflection on efforts to build self-evaluation capacity

Survey Innovation:
- Developing Britain’s first random-probability research panel
The journey of an official statistic to online/postal measurement

Bringing experts into the research process:
- Collaborative working: the case of policy and practice-led drugs research
Public dialogue research exploring public and medical attitudes to physician-assisted dying

Participatory research:
- Preparing young people to leave child/adolescent mental health services: a service user/provider/researcher collaboration
Co-producing community with disabled citizens as researchers

Using secondary data:
- How Age UK used secondary data to identify lonely older people in England
- Mapping the route: identifying and consulting HS2’s impacted populations



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PM workshop choice

- Meeting the challenge of measuring financial capability: Citizens Advice's approach and findings
- Capturing and demonstrating the true value of improvement in health and care

Researching challenging topics:
- Breaking the taboo: learning from research with children affected by sexual violence
- Conducting research in a conflict zone

Survey innovation:
- Targeted survey procedures: a cost-effective design paradigm?
- The ‘gamification’ of research: benefits and challenges

Communicating research:
- Chalk, talk and tweet: communicating evaluation findings to a wide range of audiences
- Engaging disabled people in sport: working with a creative agency to deliver better research

Developing survey questions:
- The user need for Gender Identity data and ONS work to address this
- Building the Home Standard: a mixed methods odyssey

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